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The Accurion nanofilm_ep4 imaging ellipsometer is a new generation of microscopic thin film, surface and materials metrology tool that combines auto nulling ellipsometry and microscopy to enable surface characterization with lateral resolution as small as 1 micron. This enables resolving sample areas 1000 times smaller than most non-imaging ellipsometers, even if they use micro spot spectroscopic option. 
The nanofilm_ep4 uses a variety of unique features that allow the visualization of your surface in real time. You will see the structure of your sample on a microscopic scale and measure parameters like thickness, refractive index and absorption. 3D profile maps of selected areas can be recorded. Instrument combinations with other technologies like AFM, QCM-D, reflectometry, Raman spectroscopy, etc. are possible to receive even more information from your samples.
The Accurion nanofilm_ep4 spectral imaging ellipsometer for localized measurements of the optical properties of thin films and devices.
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Spectroscopic Imaging Ellipsometer
12.00. Optical spectroscopy and analysis
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