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The Horiba FluoroMax 4 presents fluorometer performance in a convenient and easy-to-use benchtop model. The FluoroMax 4, with its unique all reflective optics and photon counting brings the sensitivity of a modular fluorometer to a tabletop fluorescence instrument. It’s a compact spectrofluorometer that offers high sensitivity in fluorescence investigations as well as features not found in most table-top fluorescence detection systems.

The FluoroMax-4 is a high performance tabletop fluorometer, which offers extended performance with detection of emission spectra out to 1700 nm and (TCSPC) Time Correlated Single Photon Counting lifetime measurements as short as 25ps. This spectrofluorometer is ideal for measuring solid and liquid samples.

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NBI - FluoroMax-4 Compact Spectrofluorometer
12.00. Optical spectroscopy and analysis
Horiba Scientific Fluoromax-4
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