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09_Micro and Nanofabrication Facility
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The NovaNanoSEM 650 (located inside the Clean Room) is a key characterization system for the analysis of nanoscale materials and structures, being capable of handling multiple sample/wafer sizes up to 8inch. This instrument uses a cold field emission gun (FEG) electron source and can achieve an ultimate resolution of 1.0 nm at 15 kV and 2.0 nm at 1 kV. It has two secondary electron detectors (one for field free and one for immersion mode) and the column electron accelerating voltages can be tuned from 0.5 – 30 kV. Operation and image-display are computer-controlled with image-processing software also included. The vacuum system includes 3 sets of ion pumps on the electron beam column and a turbomolecular pump on the sample chamber. The NovaNano SEM is fully integrated with an automation software to enable the full automation of the scanning electron microscope for metrology recipe creation, image and edge recognition, scanning and stage movements

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MNF_High-resolution SEM
01.01. Cleanroom
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Micro and Nanofabrication Facility
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