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29_Microfabrication and Exploratory Nanotechnology
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The DWL2000 is a high resolution, laser-based maskless optical lithography system. It has the capability of exposing at two different wavelengths: 405nm and 375nm, with digital design information on 25nm writeable address grid. It writes directly on photoresist-coated quartz or sodalime mask blanks as well as on wafers as large as 200mm. The maximum speed is 105 mm^2 per minute, with a 700nm minimum structure size. It has the option to autofocus either pneumatically or optically, with programmable scripts for automatic measurements of critical dimensions. The DWL is mainly used for research and development of new designs as well as for production of masks to be used by other systems such as steppers and mask aligners.

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DWL Direct Write Laser Lithography
01.01. Cleanroom
Heidelberg Instruments
DWL 2000
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Micro and Nanofabrication
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