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11_AEMIS User Facility: Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy
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The FEI Quanta 650 FEG is a highly versatile scanning electron microscope that can be used under high vacuum, low vacuum and extended vacuum (ESEM) conditions. It operates with a Schottky field emission gun that provides high beam intensity and stability and allows for high resolutions. The electron acceleration voltage ranges from 1 - 30 kV. Besides the large range of vacuum conditions (6e-4 – 4000 Pa) and acceleration voltages, the versatility of the instrument is further enhanced by a Peltier cooling stage and an abundance of detectors. Secondary electrons can be detected by an Everhardt Thornley SED (secondary electron detector) at high vacuum, with a Large Field SED at low vacuum and a gaseous SED (GSED) in ESEM mode. Backscattered electrons can also be detected under different vacuum conditions and for element analysis and mapping an EDS detector is available. Multiple samples can be loaded at the same time and the stage allows for x-y-z, rotational and tilting movements.

With the above listed equipment the machine is routinely used to characterize conductive and non-conductive samples with secondary electron, back scattered electrons and EDS

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Scanning Elect. Microscope QUANTA 650FEG
04.00. High Accuracy Labs
FEI Europe B.V.
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