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The Bruker Icon Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) incorporates the latest evolution on nanoscale imaging with characterization technologies on a large sample tip-scanning AFM platform. The Icon’s temperature-compensating position sensors render noise levels in the sub-angstroms range for the Z-axis, and angstroms in X-Y. Possible applications for this AFM are: material mapping, electrical characterisation, nanomanipulation and many others. 

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NBI - Scanning Probe Microscope- AFM Dimension Icon
04.00. High Accuracy Labs
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Due to the COVID-19 safety measures, training for the AFM will be done remotly.
Please refer to the instructor for more details.



Before applying for a license, make sure that:

1- Your supervisor approved the training (we need an email or confirmation).
2- Do you have something prepared to explain why is this tool needed and how urgent is the training and required use?
3- Can you provide us with a summary of your experiment and why this tool is important? (one or two PPT or PDF pages with a schematic of the experiment would be enough). 

Please provide this information as soon as you require for a license.


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