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The Shimadzu UV-2550 spectrophotometer is used to measure spectrum of light absorption with wavelengths ranging from 200 nm to 1100 nm for liquid and solid samples.

The UV-2550, with its DDM (double blazed grating, double monochromator) design, provides a high energy throughput optical system with ultra low stray light. It offers outstanding performance in its ability to provide UV-VIS spectral analysis of wide ranging samples, including organic and inorganic compounds, biological samples like DNA and enzymes, as well as special measurements on optical materials. The 8/16 micromulti-cell permits selection among 4 possible combinations with sample capacities of 50mL and 100mL. And, either the normal type or the constant-temperature controlled type cell holder may be selected.

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NBI - UV-Vis SpectroPhotoMeter SHIMADZU UV-2550
12.00. Optical spectroscopy and analysis
Izasa Portugal - Distribuições Técnicas, Lda.
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