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The Multi-Target Module (MTM) physical vapor deposition cluster tool is especially designed for deposition of ultra–thin films, magnetic films, high–quality metallic, conductive and insulating films and multiple film stack deposition comprising these materials without the need to break ultra-high vacuum. The system is a UHV single wafer cluster tool and consists of one transport module, one multi-target PVD module with 10 DC/RF cathodes and one soft etch/oxidation module. It is capable of depositing different magnetic and non–magnetic layers on wafers with diameters up to 200mm by DC/RF Magnetron Sputtering (or Ion Beam Sputtering), with good uniformity for the deposited stacks.

Additional features such as wafer heating for hot substrate deposition or a collinear Aligning Magnetic Field (AMF) are available. The AMF can be activated to align the magnetic easy axis during deposition of ferromagnetic films.

The Linear Dynamic Deposition (LDD) technology enables the capability to deposit wedge films with a different film thickness across the wafer and to deposit alloy films with adjustable concentration gradients across one wafer. Both features allow a very cost effective development of film stacks and accelerate the devices development.

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MNF_Timaris MTM - Mutitarget sputtering tool
01.01. Cleanroom
Timaris MTM
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