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The SPTS Primaxx - HF Vapor Etcher is designed to isotropically etch sacrificial silicon oxide layers. Combining anhydrous HF vapor and alcohol vapor at reduced pressure and elevated temperature provides a wide, stable process window that can etch different oxide compositions and thicknesses, while maintaining high selectivity to other common materials.
Because of its dry nature, this process avoids stiction of released moving parts and damage to delicate structures.
The system consists of a uEtch module integrated into a base cabinet that functions as a ventilated cabinet for the uEtch module, an exhausted anhydrous hydrogen fluoride gas cabinet , and expanded alcohol cabinet and a facilities bulkhead . It also has a gas leak detection system which continuously sample the exhaust line for signs of HF or Alcohol leakage.
The vacuum is provided by an Ebara dry pump.
The uEtch module accepts single 200mm wafers and is where the etch process is performed. It consists of:
• The module chassis;
• A heated gas panel;
• A process chamber; 
• An electronics bay.
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MNF_SPTS Primaxx - HF Vapour Etcher
01.01. Cleanroom
Primaxx uEtch
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