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29_Integrated Micro and Nanotechnologies
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Polytec MSA-500 is an optical measurement tool for MEMS displacement and topography. Three types of measurements can be performed: 1- Static characterization of the topography by scanning white-light interferometry, appropriate for rough and smooth surfaces with sub-nanometer vertical resolution and a horizontal resolution in the sub-micrometer range; 2- Real-time dynamic characterization of out-of-plane vibrations by laser-Doppler vibrometry at frequencies up to 24 MHz with a displacement resolution in the picometer range; and 3- Dynamic characterization of in-plane movements by stroboscopic video microscopy up to 1 MHz with a displacement resolution in the nanometer range. An installed Helmholtz coils setup allows to perform measurements in a wide range of magnetic field conditions.

Further information: http://www.polytec.com/us/products/vibration-sensors/microscope-based-systems/msa-500-micro-system-analyzer/

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Polytec Optical Microsystem Analyser
01.18. MEMS Lab
MSA 500
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