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The OPM Nanocalc - Optical Profilometer / Interferometer is in fact two different systems sharing the same motorized stage: an additional interferometer probe was added to a commercial non-contact Profilometer (OPM Hyperion). The purpose of this addition was to transfer the mapping capabilities of the OPM inspector software to the Nanocalc interferometer.

The OPM Hyperion system is a precision measurement instrument for non-contacting acquisition of the 2D and 3D topography. The Hyperion system consists of:
•  Measurement granite stand with integrated DC motor controller;
•  Precision XYR stages;
•  Manual z-adjustment knob;
•  Confocal sensor KF3;
•  Industrial PC;
•  Inspector software for measurement and evaluation.

NanoCalc is a software to extract thickness and optical parameters of thin, transparent layers on different substrates.This system uses Ocean Optics / Ocean Optics microspectrometers. It offers a lot of different options like:
•  Simulation and measurement of multilayer systems (weakly absorbing or transparent);
•  An easy-to-use "internal" mode for thickness extraction;
•  A graphical user interface that is very easy to use (recipes);
•  Simulation of up to 10 layers (weakly absorbing or transparent);
•  Highly accurate thickness measurements between some nanometers up to about 250 µm;
•  Remote control via OLE-commands from external software.




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MNF_OPM Nanocalc - Optical Profilometer / Interferometer
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OPM / Ocean Optics
OPM / Nanocalc UV-NIS
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