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26_Ultrafast Bio- and Nanobiophotonics
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Microfabrication workstation equipped with precision motorized microstages from Newport. We mainly use the two photon polymerization process to fabricate microstructures in 3D. These can have applications in photonic devices (e.g. photonic crystal structures), or 3D scaffolds for cell motility and tissue engineering, Laser source coupled to the uFAB station is a femtosecond laser (Tsunami, Spectra Physcis) tuneable from 690 to 1040 nm, with about 100fs pulse length, 80 MHz rep rate, about max Power of 3W @800nm operation, and with pulse picker to reduce rep rate down to single shot if required. SHG and THG generator available to reach into blue and UV range. If needed, the fs laser can also be coupled to an inverted microscope (RM21, MCL) for multiphoton micorscopy applications. Pulse compressor is available for pulse compression at sample location. For microfabrication standard CAD/STL files can be loaded in the device control software, and simple structures be designed in the control software itself.

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Microfabrication workstation and ultrafast femtosecond laser
17.00. Ultrafast Nano and Biophotonics Laboratory
Newport and Spectra Physics
uFAB and Tsunami Laser
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