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CVD FIRST NANO EASY TUBE 3000 is a load locked hot wall quartz tube furnace, which is commonly used for the deposition of graphene and hexagonal boron nitride 2D materials. The system can operate in APCVD mode (AP=atmospheric pressure) or LPCVD (LP=low-pressure=vacuum) modes. It is a 3-zone furnace, with temperature control in a feedback loop that can be operated in Furnace or Cascade modes, for fast heating and temperaure precision control, respectively. When in cascade mode the sytem oscillates less than 0.2 ºC around the set point (up to 1100 ºC) for depositions lasting 1 hour or more. Except loading and unloading operations, all the other steps in a complete CVD process are controlled by programmable proprietary software. The system can handle substrates up to 10 cm x 15 cm.

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EasyTube 3000 Graphene CVD Furnace System
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CVD First Nano
EasyTube 3000
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