Picture of JEOL 2100 200kV TEM  (Cryo & Tomography)
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11_AEMIS User Facility: Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy
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The JEM-2100-HT is a multipurpose electron microscope, which operates with a high brightness LaB6 electron gun and is well suited to characterize materials and biological samples. With an operation range of 80 - 200 kV, the voltage can be adapted to the need of the sample to allow imaging of radiation sensitive material and high contrast observations (80 – 120 kV) or high resolution imaging and tomography imaging of thicker samples (200 kV). The point resolution by conventional HRTEM is approximately 240 pm at 200 kV.

The JEOL 2100 is equipped with a fast-readout "OneView" 4k x 4k CCD camera that operates at 25 fps (300 fps with 512 x 512 pixel) and features drift correction. 

Samples can be loaded with single-tilt, high angle single tilt, dual tilt and cryo-holders. The configuration of the pole piece has been optimized to allow for a large tilt range up to ±80°, making it highly suitable for tomographic experiments.

The JEOL JEM 2100 allows not only TEM imaging, but also for a STEM, NBD and CBD imaging mode. A beam stopper is available allowing to record diffraction patterns. It is equipped with ascanning image observation device and a HAADF detector. Furthermore the microscope has an energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer from Oxford Instruments and a hard X-ray aperture for element analysis.

SerialEM is installed on the machine and is used for low-dose setup, tomogram acquisition and semi-automation.


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JEOL 2100 200kV TEM (Cryo & Tomography)
04.00. High Accuracy Labs
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