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11_AEMIS User Facility: Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy
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The proven and most effective method for rapidly cutting brittle materials is mechanically coupling a piezo
crystal to a shaped tubular cutting tool vibrating in a fine grain boron carbide slurry. The Gatan Tuned Piezo
Cutting (TCP) Tool uses this technology to expand the standard application beyond cutting 3 mm
transmission electron microscope (TEM) discs. You can now quickly cut simple holes, unique shapes, or
TEM discs from hard, brittle materials such as semiconductors, ceramics, and geological samples, in
thicknesses ranging from < 40 μm to 5 mm. A variable frequency driver delivers the ultimate in cutting
performance regardless of cutting tool size or shape. The manually tuned frequency driver optimizes cutting
speed for each cutting tool while minimizing mechanical and thermal induced damage.

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Ultrasonic Disc Cutter
04.00. High Accuracy Labs
Ultrasonic Disc Cutter
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