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10_Nanophotonics Flagship Facility
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3D Microscope for label-free live cell imaging

Microscopy solution with the ability to observe and measure dynamics of undisturbed living cells in real time.

  • Explore living cells without damaging them: no Stains, no fixation, no bleaching, no phototoxicity
  • Obtain new insights with label-free 3D characterization of your living cells in physiological conditions without any bleaching or phototoxicity
  • Perform label-free 4D continuous observation of the most sensitive cells from seconds to weeks
  • Preserve the intactness of your cells: Nanolive’s 3D Cell Explorer is the world-leader in live cell assays since it delivers the highest cellular information density anywhere available on the market
  • Rediscover your living cells through multiplexing: Nanolive datasets contain the simultaneous acquisition of several biological features and organelles– therefore capturing various pathways of cell biology in real-time
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3D Cell Explorer
19.00. Microscopy Lab
3D CellExplorer - FluoReady - ID: SO-00454
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