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11_AEMIS User Facility: Advanced Electron Microscopy, Imaging and Spectroscopy
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XPS system ESCALAB 250Xi, Thermo Scientific

 Electron Analyzer and Detection System

  • Double-focusing full 180° spherical sector analyzer with a mean radius of 150 mm and energy range 0 to 5,000 eV.
  • Six channel electron multipliers
  • A continuous, two-dimensional, position-sensitive detector based on a pair of channel plates and having true pulse counting capability. Parallel imaging with pixel resolutions up to 256 x 256 pixels.

X-ray Sources:

  •  monochromatic and non-monochromated X-ray sources.
  • The microfocusing monochromator features microfocused electron gun and a multi-position Al anode. Spot size can be selected ranging from 200 µm to 900 µm.
  • The Non-Monochromated X-ray source has a  Dual anode (MgKa/AlKa) X-ray source

Sample Navigation and Manipulation:

  • Automated 5-axis Sample Manipulator
  • Azimuthal rotation
  • Heating and cooling (LN2) enabled
  • Point and shoot sample navigation

UV Source:

  • High photon flux (>1.5 x 1012 photons/second)
  • HeI and HeII modes of operation with UV light spot size (~1.5mm)
  • 2 stage differential pumping (typical pressure in analysis chamber <10-8 mbar)

The Flood Sources:

  • A flood electron source, co-axial with the analyzer input lens is used for charge compensation when analyzing non-conducting samples using the monochromatic X-ray source.
  • The co-axial source can be used at higher energies for physical imaging and REELS.
  • A second flood source produces low-energy ions, which assist in providing charge compensation when the magnetic lens is not in use, or for experiments where the co-axial source is not appropriate such as UPS.

Ion Gun:

The Thermo Scientific Dual Beam Ion source MAGCIS - Monoatomic and Gas Cluster Ion Source for rapid, high-resolution depth profiling.

  • The MAGCIS ion gun is fully computer controlled and operates at an energy range from 100 eV to 4 keV and has a maximum beam current of > 6 μA at 3 keV and a minimum spot size of 200 μm at 2.5 μA and 4 keV.
  • The MAGCIS ion gun can operate in cluster sputtering (variable cluster size up 2000 atoms) and monoatomic modes
  • Cluster/atom energy from 1eV upwards
  •  Can be used for ISS spectroscopy

Digital Control:

  • All analytical functions for the ESCALAB 250Xi+ are controlled from the Windows™-based Avantage data system. The entire analysis process can be performed remotely, if required.



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X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy XPS) System
04.00. High Accuracy Labs
Thermo Scientific
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