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The Confocal microscope LSM780 from Zeiss is an advanced inverted confocal laser scanning optical microscope operated for the study of biological samples. The LSM780 microscope offers the latest developments in confocal imaging technology including a variety of laser wavelengths available for sample excitation. The laser lines available are: Argon laser operating at 458nm, 488nm and 514nm; diode lasers providing wavelengths of 405nm, 561nm and 633nm. The confocal microscope Zeiss LSM780 can perform laser scanning confocal imaging (LSM) and bright field camera imaging (camera mode). In camera mode, the microscope can operate as a bright field or fluoresce microscope. The camera (wide-field CCD detector) supports both transmitted (bright field) and reflected light image formation (fluorescence). In the LSM mode, 34 simultaneous spectral channels and one PMT detector for transmission images can be used. In this mode, the microscope can operate in the channel, spectral imaging or online fingerprint modes. The spectral channels are comprised of GaAsP detectors, offering increased sensitivity. This allows for the use of reduced illumination intensities and reduced photodamage to samples. 

A large selection of objectives is available, such as 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X oil immersion, 40X water immersion and 60X oil immersion. Contrast mechanisms for image formation include DIC and polarization resolved imaging.
The LSM780 is suitable for three-dimensional optical investigations of living biological specimens over long time scales. Extensive automation and software integration of all optical components offers researchers a user-friendly platform for confocal data acquisition. It includes features as: Incubation chamber with temperature and CO2 control; Piezo stage for high-speed focus control; Z drift compensation for long term imaging sessions 

The system is equipped with software modules for: FRAP/FRET investigations, Fluorescence Correlation/Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS/FCCS), Z-stack imaging, Time-lapse imaging and more.

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NBI - Confocal Microscope
19.00. Microscopy Lab
LSM 780
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